Magnetic Balls and Rods Building Blocks For Children

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 Children build magnetic building blocks, come into contact with different shapes, and cultivate thinking logic from an early age
 Play fun and enlighten, from easy to difficult, advanced gameplay to cultivate enlightenment cognition, use imagination to build the big world
 Powerful magnetic attraction, changeable shape at will, 360-degree rotation at will
 High saturation color, clever use of color matching
 Select ABS material, refuse "one-time" play
 Strong pressure resistance, learn while playing, and learn the principle of positive and negative poles of magnets
 Material: Plastic/Plastic/Magnetic
 Function: magnetic, assembled
 Packing method: color box
 Number of blocks (pieces): 50-100 pieces (pieces)
 Block net weight: different shapes have different weights
 Domino type: magnetic blocks
 Package Content:
 toy*one set